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prints of original watercolor mandalas by mary ellen

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Everything in our Universe is energy. 

Every living being and every inanimate object is composed of energy that vibrates at different frequencies. Complex forms of life - like human beings - are made up of many different vibrational levels of energy. Crystals hold and transmit energies of different frequencies and, therefore, have their own unique healing properties.

When we wish to heal, receive understanding or be willing to change we often set an intention or say a prayer. We focus on the intention and the energy needed to manifest that intention follows. Many of us believe that the “power of prayer” can affect change. It is the same with intention. Working with crystals can amplify and help to transmit the energy behind our intentions. Crystals may be used in a wide variety of ways such as held while meditating, carried in a pocket, worn as jewelry or put in a special spot at home or work.

When crystals are used in a group the energy behind our intention is strengthened. Many people like to place their crystals in a pattern or grid either choosing to create their own layout or using a pattern created by a healer or artist. 

If you have chosen to purchase my watercolor mandala designs for your crystal grid then I am truly honored. The creation of these original designs was a Divine process in which I set the intention to let my thinking mind rest and I connected to an intuitive creative flow. I invite you to do the same while working with your new grids!

When choosing one of the seven colors to work with let your senses lead the way. Which one catches your eye first? Which one are you drawn to? If you are setting up your grid with a specific intention, take the time to focus on your breath, close your eyes, allow your mind and body to settle, focus on your intention, breath some more, open your eyes and Trust! 

Choosing which crystals to use with your grid can also be an intuitive process. There are no instructions other than to place your crystals on the grid in a way that feels good to you.

If you are new to crystal grids and need a little bit of direction to start I suggest using clear quartz points. Clear quartz has healing properties that include clearing, cleansing and amplifying  intention and the energy of stones used with it.

Many people like to “charge” their grid after it is set up or recharge it every so often by using a clear quartz master crystal to trace the design ending in the center. Another method is to wave a selenite wand over the grid. 

When you sense that it is time to dismantle your grid, I suggest clearing your crystals.  There are many ways to do this. Some examples are: running them under cold tap water or river water, leaving out in the sunshine or moonshine, or burying them in the earth for a few days.

My hope is that you will receive many blessings, peace, joy and healing,

Mary Ellen