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i create healing chakra jewelry infused with reiki love!


Crystal and gemstone beads are chosen with awareness of their healing properties. Crystals and gemstones hold and transmit positive energies which promote balance and healing in corresponding chakras (or energy centers) in our being.  Every stone vibrates at its own frequency which correlates to the vibrational frequency of our different chakras. You may come to search for a piece of jewelry with an awareness already present regarding where in your being you have been guided to focus healing - Or you may browse and find that you are attracted to a certain piece and then become aware of the specific healing energy it holds for you.  Either way, I wish you many blessings and hope that you benefit from awaken chakra jewelry! 



Awaken Chakra Bracelets & Malas are each made with gemstone beads that resonate with one or more of the Seven Main Chakras in our being. Chakras are energy centers.  There are thought to be 114 chakras in the body but focus is typically placed on the seven main and largest chakras which line up from root to crown in the middle of the body.  72,000 “nadis,” or energy channels, along which life force energy (ki, chi, prana) moves also exist in the body.

Awaken Chakra Bracelets may be purchased individually for $15 each or as a set of seven for $98.

I use a variety of gemstone and crystal beads to represent each chakra.  In the set pictured here there are from left to right, amethyst, lapis, amazonite, green aventurine, aragonite, carnelian and garnet. Which color(s) "call" to you?


The bracelets are available in sizes: child, small, medium and large. Size large will only fit men with small wrists. Please order custom fit and send me wrist size when purchasing for males. The bracelets are strung on the strongest elastic cord available.  Some stretching may occur if you take them on and off often. Sunshine, moonshine and flowing cool water help the energy in the stones to stay cleared! I never take mine off!! 

Awaken Chakra Bracelets are available in a wide variety of gemstones, sizes and shapes.  I love finding new beads to work with!  And I love to see which gemstones and colors people are drawn to!

Much of the crystal and gemstone information on my website has been obtained from my favorite source:  THE BOOK OF STONES by Robert Simmons & Naisha Ahsian.


Awaken Jewelry may also be found at:

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The Green Closet, Waitsfield, VT

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custom orders:

Awaken does custom orders! Please contact me directly to discuss your special piece!


If you are interested in carrying Awaken chakra jewelry wholesale, please contact me directly.


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