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                  What is a Chakra?

                  What is a Chakra?


The etheric body is an energy body of very fine  vibration that totally surrounds the physical body.  The etheric body absorbs finer levels of energy from the universe, and transforms this energy through the chakras into the physical body via the endocrine glands. The endocrine system controls the hormone balance in the body, which has a powerful effect on a person's moods and emotions as well as their physical well being.

Each chakra "governs" a specific area of the physical body as well as specific thought patterns and emotions.  Our entire being - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual - wants to be in perfect health, balance and peace. If our life force energy is low or out of balance we are more susceptible to dis-ease or stress. Through different types of energy work  (reiki, crystals & gemstones, pranayama, etc.) one's life force energy is increased and balanced within the chakras promoting health and over all well being.


the seven main chakras

seventh or crown chakra

stones: amethyst, crystal quartz, lepidolite

location:  top and center of head

governs:  pineal gland, cerebral cortex, upper brain,  right eye

emotional & mental aspects:  connection to Spirit, Divine, Universal Wisdom, Integration of all chakras, overcome self-limitations

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sixth or brow chakra

stones: lapis lazuli, sodalite, iolite

location: point between eyebrows

governs: pituitary gland, nervous system, cerebellum,  left  eye, nose, sinus, ears

emotional & mental aspects:  intuition, clairvoyance, soul realization, connects right  & left hemispheres of brain - insight & intelligence

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fifth or throat chakra                 

stones: turquoise, amazonite, peruvian opal, blue lace agate, aquamarine, larimar

location:  throat area                                          

governs:  thyroid,  parathyroid, vocal chords respiratory  system,  bronchial, jaw, mouth,  neck,  shoulders

emotional & mental aspects:  communication, expression of true Self and emotion  through creativity, knowledge, sound

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fourth or heart chakra

stones: peridot, green jade, tourmaline, copper jasper, serpentine, rose quartz

location:  center of chest

governs:  heart, thymus, lungs, circulatory & immune  systems, blood, upper back, shoulders,ribcage, arms, hands

emotional & mental aspects:  love, faith, devotion, balance, compassion, healing  by  acceptance & forgiveness

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third or solar plexus chakra

stones: citrine, aragonite, yellow jade, honey jade

location:  below sternum, above navel

governs:  digestive system, spleen, stomach, gallbladder, liver, pancreas

emotional & mental aspects:  identity, ego, will, personal power

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second or sacral chakra

stones: carnelian, moonstone

location:  lower abdomen

governs: reproductive system, bladder, kidney, spleen, liver, all body  fluids

emotional & mental aspects:  change, pleasure, sexuality, creativity

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first, root or base chakra              

stones: garnet, red agate, ruby, poppy jasper, red tiger's eye

location:  base of spine, perineum    

governs: adrenal glands, prostrate, spinal column, colon, intestines, anus, bones, teeth, nails            

emotional & mental aspects:  survival, security, grounding, manifestation, physical  vitality,  connection to earth & nature

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chakra affirmations


7th Chakra, Crown - connection to Spirit and Universe, integration of all chakra energies
I receive an abundance of goodness from the Universe. I am connected to Divine Guidance. 
I am one with the Whole. 

6th Chakra, Third Eye - balance intellect and intuition
I listen and trust my deepest insights. I live in the truth of my grace, beauty and intelligence.

5th Chakra, Throat - communication, creative expression, truth
It is safe for me to express my feelings, truth and creativity.
I do so with joy and clarity.

4th Chakra, Heart - self love, compassion, faith
I love and approve of myself unconditionally. I am Love.

3rd Chakra, Solar Plexus - personal power, identity, will
I honor and respect all aspects of myself.  I am at peace.

2nd Chakra, Sacral - creativity, sexuality, change
I invite and celebrate pleasure, creativity and sensuality in my life. I am a joyful being.

1st Chakra, Root - grounding, physical security, vitality
I am grateful for the abundance and support that Mother Earth provides. All is well.