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AMETHYST:  Protection. Purification, Divine Connection, Release of Addictions
CHAKRAS:  Crown (7th), Etheric (8th & beyond, above the head)
SPIRITUAL:  Facilitates meditation and engenders communion and communication with one’s guides and angels.  Opens and clears 3rd Eye and Crown charkas, which in turn accelerates the development of intuitive and psychic abilities.
EMOTIONAL:  Helps one identify root causes behind behaviors, habits and emotional patterns which create imbalance and disease.
PHYSICAL:  Traditionally used to counter addictive behavior and thought patterns.  Helps balance nervous system and brain.
AFFIRMATION:  I am purified, uplifted and protected through my connection with the Divine. 

LAPIS LAZULI:  Inner vision, truthful communication, royal virtues
CHAKRA:  Third Eye(6th)
SPIRITUAL:  Awakens 3rd eye, enhances ability to visualize and receive visual guidance or information.  Enhances meditative journeys, facilitates past-life viewing, aids clairvoyance and precognition.
EMOTIONAL:  Helps move consciousness beyond the mundane, allows one to identify habits, patterns and
lessons one may have difficulty perceiving consciously.
PHYSICAL:  Helps identify karmic roots of disease, helps identify habitual thought patterns and emotions that are sabotaging one’s healing.
AFFIRMATION:  I claim the sovereignty and power of my highest self, and I align myself with my highest truth.

Truth, Communication, Harmony
Element:  Water
Chakra:  Throat
Amazonite is deeply stimulating for the Heart and Throat Chakras.  Its energy is
that of personal truth, allowing one to express one’s heart through communication.
SPRITUAL:  Assists one in communicating higher truths and higher knowledge. 
EMOTIONAL:  Assists one in setting appropriate boundaries, both within oneself
and externally.  Helps one move beyond fear of expectation and judgment, allowing one more freedom in acting in alignment with one’s higher truth and integrity.  Encourages one to walk in right relationship and to speak and live one’s truth for the highest good.  Assists one in gaining self-knowledge and in defining one’s core beliefs and values.
PHYSICAL:  Assists in physical healing for many conditions.
AFFIRMATION:  I speak and live my highest truth, and I call forthit’s manifestation in this world.

PERIDOT:  Increase prosperity, Warmth & Well-Being
CHAKRAS:  Heart (4th)
SPIRITUAL:  Aids one in perceiving and honoring the source of all abundance.
EMOTIONAL:  Helps remove blockages to receiving.
PHYSICAL:  Used to alleviate heaviness of heart and all manner of heart related imbalances.
AFFIRMATION:  I gratefully receive my birthright of success, abundance and prosperity on all levels.

CITRINE:  Manifestation, Personal Will, Mental Clarity, Creativity
CHAKRAS:  Root (1st), Sacral (2nd), Solar Plexus (3rd)
SPIRITUAL:  Marries energy of mind with that of will.  Helps one perceive issues of power use, boundaries and manifestation.  It stimulates the mind and can assist in learning.  
EMOTIONAL:  Helps to lighten dark thoughts and brings optimism, playfulness and happiness into one’s energy systems.  Gives one a ‘second wind’ toface difficult situations.
PHYSICAL:  Helpful for digestive issues and metabolism.  It can be used to support weight
lose and increase energy during exercise.
AFFIRMATION:  I open myself to the inspiration of my creative imagination, and through the strength of my will, aligned with Divine will, I manifest my dreams.

CARNELIAN:  Sexuality, Creativity, Vitality, Action, Courage, Confidence
CHAKRAS:  Sacral, (2nd)
SPIRITUAL:  Assists in taking action to manifest one’s highest goals and dreams.
EMOTIONAL:  Assists one to embrace change and transformation in one’s life.
PHYSICAL:  Lends vitality and energy to th ephysical body as a temple of the spirit.
AFFIRMATION:  I am filled with the vital energies of life, and I take action with             
confidence and power.

GARNET:  Strength, Security                   
CHAKRAS:  Root (1st)
SPIRITUAL:  Aids one in finding joy in the physical plane, feeling supported in one’s needs and desires, and in giving and receiving love.  It can assist one in accessing past-life memories and in clearing karmic patterns.
EMOTIONAL:  Helps one release panic, worry, fear and anxiety around financial matters.  Can teach one to develop trust in the infinite abundance of the Universe and helps one to feel calm and grounded.
PHYSICAL:  Helps body connect with the revitalizing energy of the Earth.  It supports recuperation after injury.
AFFIRMATION:  I am grounded and secure in my physical body and I draw from deep wells of strength and vitality

The majority of information shown here has been taken from THE BOOK OF STONES by Robert Simmons and Naisha Ashian.    I highly recommend this book if you are moved to delve deeper into the understanding of healing energies of crystals and gemstones.