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                                                            what is reiki ?


            Reiki is a safe and gentle healing technique.
                      The word Reiki is Japanese and means: 
Rei - Divine Wisdom or Essence           

                                Ki - Universal Life Force Energy


In Japan, the word reiki is used to name spiritual energy or the essence or spirit of everything.  The word Reiki has also come to be used to describe a system of healing developed 
in Japan by Mikao Usui in the early 1900s.

 The healing system of Reiki is based on the belief  that every living thing's True Essence is Reiki or Divine Life Force Energy.   We all share this truth and it is what makes us One.  Every living thing is made of energy vibrating at different frequencies.  Lower frequency energies make up dense matter, for example, our physical body.  Higher frequency life force energies make up our more subtle bodies - mental, emotional and spiritual.   This healing force is known as Prana in
 India and Ch'i in China. When one's life force energy is low or out of balance we are more susceptible to dis-ease and stress. Through Reiki, one's life force energy is increased and balanced within the chakras or energy centers of the body. 
This helps one to release negative emotion and stress and allows oneself to be in a place where they are open to receive clarity and healing. Reiki supports the entire spirit — there are benefits physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It is often used as a complement with other holistic healing methods and with treatments prescribed by doctors.

a reiki session
The fee for a reiki session is $60 per hour.  A discount rate may be offered for continuous care on an individual basis —my intention is to make healing available to all who seek it.

During a reiki session, a client wears comfortable clothing and may choose to lie on a table or sit in a chair.
Pillows and blankets may be used to promote comfort and relaxation.  Initial sessions may be up to two hours long including discussion, questions and answers before getting onto the reiki table.  A typical session is one hour. The reiki healer may begin by 
guiding the client to relax and quiet the body and mind. Noticing and following the breath is helpful. The healer may ask if the client would like to share an intention  that she/he might have for the session. During the session, the healer or the client may  be moved to speak or there may be silence. Life force energy moves through the  healer's crown chakra, out her/his hands and flows into the client. A series of  hand positions may be used and/or the healer may be guided to specific areas of the  body or to
specific chakras. The client's own Inner Wisdom
draws the energy into their  body where it is needed. The healer can sense this through sensations in her/his hands  and/or through intuitive guidance. A reiki session may bring up deep emotional and  spiritual issues, or it may simply bring the client to a feeling of relaxation and serenity.  Many people describe themselves as feeling lighter while smiling peacefully. Reiki also helps to cleanse the body of toxins. Drinking water after a session aids this process.

learning reiki
Everyone has the ability to learn and give reiki. It is not taught but rather passed on from teacher to student through the sharing of history, information, instruction and initiation. During reiki instruction a student is taught different techniques that when incorporated into a daily practice will bring them deep healing and peace.  This will increase their ability to channel a greater flow of universal life force energy.   There are three levels of reiki instruction — each with additional information and technique instruction for deeper levels of understanding and healing. With each level of instruction the student  receives  additional attunements which support their connection to a greater flow and knowing of universal life force energy. Once a student learns reiki, they are guided to create a daily practice for themselves to further their own personal development and healing. Then, if moved to, to share this beautiful healing with those around them.


karuna reiki ®
Karuna is a Sanskrit word that means compassionate action or any action that is used to diminish thesuffering of others. Because of the oneness of
 all beings, Karuna Reiki ® or compassion is extended to all out of Love and the motivation to work towards ending all suffering on Earth. In Buddhism it is believed that karuna (or compassion) must be accompanied by wisdom. William Lee Rand, founder of The International Center for Reiki Training, was spiritually guided to develop this new system of reiki along with other similarly guided reiki masters. The study and practice of Karuna Reiki ® deepens the reiki healer's understanding of the subtleties of life force energy and increases and strengthens the flow of this energy. Sound is often used to increase the focus and strength of the energy. Sound healing used to enhance reiki energy may include chanting, toning and drumming.

    My Usui Reiki Lineage

     Dr. Mikao Usui –
Dr. Chujiro Hayashi-
Mrs. Takata-
John Gray-
Christopher Reynolds-
Arnold J. Vargas-
Christine Gschwendtner-
Katharine Peachey-
Mary Ellen Alberti



















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