My Chakra Bracelets may be purchased individually or as a set of seven.  Each gemstone bead resonates with a different chakra or energy center in your being to promote healing in that area and it's corresponding aspects.  For more information on Chakras please visit my page "what is a chakra?"  To view more of my jewelry please click on malas and necklaces and bracelets.  To purchase jewelry or ask me a question click here.

Reiki touches all aspects of my life.  I practice Reiki meditation while making Art so that I may sense my connection to nature, the universe and my creative Self.  I set the intention to open and witness what flows through me and out onto the canvas or paper!  My intention is to bring my art to this website very soon!

Sharing the experience of Reiki with humans as well as animals brings me great joy!  I offer Reiki sessions in my studio, a peaceful space tucked into the beautiful Green Mountains of Vermont in the Mad River Valley.  I call it "My Sanctuary".  The space is made sacred by the people who come to share with me their unique life journeys.  For Animal Reiki sessions I travel to a pet's home so that they may be in a space where they feel most at ease.



Feeling a deep connection with Mother Earth, I was not surprised that I became drawn to the healing properties of crystals and gemstones.  There are times when I was moved to incorporate crystals/stones into Reiki sessions or to keep different crystals/stones near me. This quickly inspired me to create Healing Chakra Jewelry.  As I create my jewelry I set the intention that the beads are cleared and vibrate at their highest frequency to bring healing energy to the wearer.  

Welcome to Awaken!  I am Mary Ellen Alberti, a Reiki practitioner and teacher in the traditional Japanese style,  a creator of healing jewelry, and a fine artist.  Reiki is a way of life for me, a way of Being.  I am dedicated to a daily Reiki practice which cultivates an ever deepening discovery of True Self.  My purpose in life is to live in alignment with my highest Self.  It is to offer Reiki and myself as an unconditional loving presence to others in support of their unique journeys of self-discovery and healing.  802.496.7526

It is not uncommon for a person to become interested in learning the practice of Reiki after they have experienced its effects.  I offer three levels of Reiki instruction from the Usui Reiki Ryoho, a system of Reiki whose intention is to pass on traditional Japanese teachings as presented by Mikao Usui to his students in the early 1900s.  I most enjoy sharing Reiki instruction one on one but I am also open to small group instruction.